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Investor Relations policy


Norconsult ASA Investor Relations policy (IR policy) covers guidelines for the contact with shareholders and the financial community.

The IR policy shall ensure accurate, relevant, updated and timely information to the financial community appropriately based on transparency and equal treatment of all stakeholders in the market

Silent period

Norconsult practices a silent period of three weeks prior to publication of quarterly financial reports. No analyst or investor meetings will be held and spokespersons will not comment upon or discuss matters related to Norconsult’s operations, financial performance or expectations.


All information will be provided in English.

Investor relations spokespersons

The CFO is responsible for all day-to-day contact with shareholders, investors and analysts on behalf of Norconsult.

Communication platforms

The main communication channels are stock exchange releases, press releases and Norconsult’s website. These channels will ensure that identical information is made available simultaneously to all audiences.

Financial reporting

Norconsult publishes financial results on a quarterly basis according to its financial calendar which is published annually on the websites of Norconsult and Oslo Børs.

Norconsult will host open presentations in connection with the release of its quarterly financial reports. The presentation material and a link to the webcast presentation will be published simultaneously with the financial report and be available on Norconsult’s website.

The IR team frequently manages and updates the annual financial calendar with an overview of dates for financial reporting and other main events on Norconsult’s website.


Norconsult adheres to the regulatory requirements for publication of information as a listed company on Oslo Børs. Norconsult will disclose all events and circumstances which may have a material affect on the value of the company’s shares. All price sensitive information which has been published will immediately also be made available on Norconsult’s website.

Contracts with an order intake of MNOK 500 and above are defined as inside information and shall be announced through the Oslo Børs under the category 'Inside Information'. Acquisitions with an CAPEX over MNOK 500 will be handled the same way.


Norconsult does not guide on future financial performance or expectations.


Norconsult shall comply with applicable regulations for companies listed on Oslo Børs and Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2021.






Document responsible is the Group CFO